I'm a web developer

with experience in Ruby, JavaScript, and Haskell. My background is in physics, where I learned to approach problems systematically, and to appreciate challenging learning opportunities. Also, math. Lots of math.

I have experience in tons of technologies. I've made apps in Rails, Backbone, and Node, and worked with Haskell, C, and Python to name a few. I'm always looking to learn more.

Recent Work

Block Overhead - live - github

A fighting games themed clone of Stack Overflow. Backbone.js consuming a RESTful Ruby on Rails API.

Mario.js - live - github

Super Mario Bros. in pure JavaScript. Renders on the HTML5 Canvas.

Ctris - live - github

Tetris: The Grandmaster with React and Redux.

Llymlaen - live - github

Shareable animated diagrams with Purescript.